CEO of BGO Casino Explains the Importance of Tracking Your Website

CEO of BGO Casino Explains the Importance of Tracking Your Website

At Visitors Right Now, we understand how crucial it is to have a tool that allows you to track visitor counts in a way that’s easy to understand. However, it’s always useful to have an inside look at how tracking visitors can impact a variety of industries. We recently discussed just this topic with the CEO of BGO Casino. BGO is a leader in the online gambling industry, and they enjoy many players on their website on a regular basis. Read on to learn how using the Visitors Right Now tool has helped BGO Casino gain even more success.

About BGO Casino

As we mentioned, BGO Casino is an incredibly successful platform. They’ve been around since 2012 and are homed right here in the UK. They’re licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and known for providing over 1,000 high quality games. With such an extensive website and countless online slots, BGO Casino wanted to track visitors to continue improving their website. Keeping an eye on which pages perform well, versus those that no one looks at for more than a moment, can reveal quick a bit.

Game Preferences

To begin with, the CEO of BGO Casino explained that they like to track the data for each casino game. That’s a lot of information to process – but it’s worth it. By seeing which games are trending and which are falling behind, they can help cull out those options that aren’t seeing as much action. After all, they strive to provide UK players with the most popular games available. Tracking which titles receive a lot of play allows them to manage their gaming portfolio.

This also extends to which software providers are appreciated most by their customers. At times, specific software developers will receive a boost in popularity. This may be due to a newly released casino game or improved marketing on the part of the provider. Whatever the reason, BGO Casino likes to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s trending. They can use that information to add additional games from well-liked developers and increase their profits.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like many of the best online casinos, BGO Casino knows that offering lucrative promotions is an important part of customer retention. How does visitor tracking help improve their bonus program? Before, BGO Casino could only see the number of players who signed up for the promos and welcome deals. They were missing a key data point: how many players in the UK went to the promo page, looked around for a moment, and then clicked away.

Managing how much interest is generated by a bonus is in any casino site’s best interest. It allows the gambling website, such as BGO Casino, to evaluate whether they could offer something different. In some cases, it can reveal a bug in the page that doesn’t load the offers for anyone. A lack of visitors sticking on one page could even mean the language is unclear. All of this is important data to any wagering platform’s success – data that is easy to find with Visitors Right Now.

Follow the example of BGO Betting

As you can see, there are many reasons that tracking visitors is so important. All businesses can benefit from keeping an eye on their visitor count, but BGO Casino demonstrates how effective a tool it can be for the top casino sites. Improvement is crucial for better profits. What better way to continuously strive for UK player satisfaction than seeing what casino games, developers, and bonuses are intriguing them the most? Download Visitors Right Now today.