• Who’s Online?

    It’s almost a requirement these days to know how many visitors your site is getting. Advertising, sales, gauging viewer interest…all of these things require a finger on the pulse of your website. What if you had that, as well as every snippet of information that you could dream of regarding your visitors?

You’ve come to the right place!

Visitors Right Now is a WordPress plugin specifically built to replace any visitor counter that your website currently uses. This powerful tool can be a lightweight addition to your site or a Swiss Army Knife. No matter how you slice it, Visitors Right Now is a real game changer.

Is it intrusive?

Not even a little! Visitors Right Now reads the visitor’s IP and analyzes the link that lead them to your site. If that sounds kind of scary or confusing, don’t worry! Most sites do this already in order to avoid DDoS attacks and to protect against viruses. VRN simply tracks that data for you and puts it into a readable format. Visitors won’t even notice a difference in load times!

Does it have to be visible?

Nope! If you don’t want to show people your visitor count but still want to have the statistics on the backend, you can disable the visitor counter. If you don’t get a lot of visitors to your site, it might be better to have it disabled until you have a decent number of total visitors in order to make it look like your site is busier.

Real-time updates!

Visitors Right Now keeps track of visitors by redirects. What this means is that every time that someone clicks on your site from a Google search, from their e-mail, from a friend, or from a different website, it automatically adds that click to the visitor count. It automatically filters out people “spamming” the link to avoid false flags as well, giving you the most accurate reading at any given moment. No more guessing! VRN keeps track right down to the minute.

What does it do?

Visitors Right Now, or VRN, has three primary features: current visitor count, visitor statistics, and a backend with display and styling options. The current visitor count is a display that can be toggled on each page of your site to show the number of visitors in real-time, the statistics (visitors today, this month and visitors in total) cover a variety of useful points of data on your visitors, while the backend covers everything that you could ever need to know about visitors to your site. It’s a truly comprehensive tool!

Why do I need VRN?

Is your site a news site? Do you sell a product? Do you run a blog? Do you have an affiliate program? Is your site the home of a massively multiplayer game?

If you answered “yes” to any of this, then you need VRN! Knowing when, where, and why people visit your site is integral to running a successful online business. Even if you’re running a small-time hobby blog, it can still be enormously helpful to know more about the people visiting your site.

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